Medical Apostolate

“Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers and sisters of mine, you did it for me” (Mt.25:40)

The sisters involved in the Health apostolate make all possible efforts to be missionaries, as mystics and prophets to the suffering humanity by manifesting the self-giving love and compassion of Eucharistic Jesus to the sick and suffering through their life and healing ministry. We have four Health Centres in the Province.

Sisters provide holistic health care to the sick and needy, especially the people who are economically poor. Special care is given to the women and children with preventive, curative and promotive aspects of health.

Hospital has 40 beds, OPD, IPD, X-Ray, E.C.G, Ultrasound, Pharmacy, laboratory, Eye, ENT, Dental, Physiotherapy, MCH (mother and child) programme and Operation facilities. Beyond the hospital the sisters reach out for:

Patients affected by tuberculosis (T.B) through DOTS programme, Immunization of children every week, Pulse polio immunization thrice a year for children under the age group of five, Free health camp conducted for poor patients, 2000 patients benefitted from RAHA (an NGO) health insurance scheme.

Community Health and Development programme As an extension of our service in the Health Apostolate, the sisters strive to reach out to the poor people through community health and development programme as well. Health care and knowledge is imparted to three villages through various innovative means. Sisters in turn visit the villages in the evenings. Five to Six animators are also employed for the same. Visiting the villages, teaching them, being with them in their needs and motivating them, help them stand on their feet and to move forward in their life.