SERAPHINA TRUST is a registered NGO based in Dehradun with the aim of bringing justice, dignity and recognition through the liberation and empowerment of the poor and the voiceless especially the women and children. Seraphina Trust’s mission is to act as facilitator of change through a process of conscientisation, mobilization and economic empowerment; whereby they become self reliant and self sufficient, and be able to claim rightfully their social and political status in society and live with human dignity. Seraphina Trust has reached over 10000 women and children through various programs.

Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God so they have a basic right to live in a healthy atmosphere and realize their dreams and develop their potentials. Every human being is supposed to enjoy their fundamental rights which enable them to live a dignified life.

In order to achieve the much needed socio economic development of all people and upliftment of the poor and marginalized the major activities are taken by Seraphina Trust.

Self Help Groups

A total of 100 self help groups (SHGs) have been formed in Dehradun over 1,000 women have been organised through this activity. With their small savings, the women are meeting their daily requirements, or expenses related to illness, marriages, education or financing their small ventures. In order to improve the living condition of the poor women through Income Generating Activities. Many SHG women started their own small scale business like tailoring, pedicure, cosmetic centres and petty shops for daily provisions by which they earn their livelihood. A few SHGs have started their small business, which has been linked up with the local market. Apart from this, the groups have also been imparted training on child rights, women rights, welfare schemes of the government, etc.


Seraphina Trust provides secondary and senior secondary education those belonging to disadvantaged groups (e.g. the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Socially and Educationally disadvantaged classes and other socially, culturally, economically backward. ) and people belonging to weaker sections who are not able to get secondary and senior secondary education in the normal course of life.

Take Home Ration

Take Home Ration [THR] is a state government scheme in which the Seraphina Trust gives Ration to the pregnant and lactating Mothers and children from 6 months to 3 years old. Special measures are taken to ensure that children are not left behind like disabled children, Children of migrant workers, children of daily wage labourers who go out during the day, children of indigent families, single mothers, orphans and other vulnerable children, to improve their health condition.

MidDay Meal

Seraphina Trust provides Mid Day Meal to 270 children of the slum communities who are very vulnerable, marginalized poor and not able to go to school.


In response to the cry of the poor and to the stirrings of the spirit in our hearts to be more authentic in our vocation, we join the oppressed poor and marginalized in solidarity with their struggle for freedom, justice and peace. Our perception of the social reality and openness to the signs of the times, our initiatives to uphold human life and dignity make us an essential element of the march towards the Reign of God.