Formation is a dynamic process, a process that lasts all of one’s life: a process of constant growth, of being formed everyday of one’s life. It aims at the transformation of the whole person. For it involves the whole person, every aspect of the personality, behavior and intentions and every aspect of Christian life.

We, the CFMSS, are an international congregation with an active apostolate blended with contemplation. True to the words of our Foundress, Ven. Mother Seraphina Farolfi, our formation programme aims at a formation that takes care of all round development of our formees with a special thrust to the missionary formation. The purpose of formation is mainly to transform persons into the image and likeness of Christ. This is done through various stages: pre-aspirancy, scholastics, aspirancy, postulancy, novitiate, juniorate and on-going.

October 2018
Vestition Ceremony of Seven Postulants